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Dogpatch, San Francisco

My home neighbourhood (or “micro-hood”, as the Bolt Italic calls it) in San Francisco, Dogpatch is often described as “up-and-coming.” Even since we moved in almost two years ago, the number of bars and restaurants has increased a tonne. In fact, most of the places listed below are pretty new to the scene.

Things to Do

The Museum of Craft and Design has a regularly-changing set of exhibits focussed on design. I’ve seen everything from an exhibit on Herman Miller and ergonomic design to an underwater scape of knitted jellyfish.

Wander around Pier 70. Dogpatch is undergoing a transition at the moment, and one of the cornerstones of that is the rennovation of the Pier 70 area. If you’re on Third St, head east (towards the bay) and stroll through the crumbling warehouses. These will soon be hip, trendy apartments.

Esprit Park (it was named after the clothing brand; their factory used to be next to here) is a dog-friendly park with lots of benches. It’s nice to sit and watch dogs run back and forth. Plus there’s some kind of training course/adult-oriented jungle gym thing stationed in the four corners, so if you like working out, there’s that.


Firstly, here’s a map of important eating and drinking spots.


Third Rail is easily our favourite bar in the neighbourhood. They have a bunch of great bartenders making delicious cocktails in a cosy, well-designed setting. It’s difficult to go wrong in picking a cocktail, but one of my favourites is the Mt Tam. Oh, and you have to try their jerky. It’s divine.

Dogpatch Saloon re-opened recently after a refurbishment. It’s got a neighbourhood feel, and can get pretty busy. They have some cocktails and a good beer list.

Sea Star is a dive bar that makes competent cocktails.


Yield Wine Bar has friendly, knowledgeable staff, with a relaxed atmosphere. They also serve great food (with some vegetarian/vegan options).


Triple Voodoo is a sizeable tap room on Third Street. They have a good range of beers there, plus offer food from The New Spot (described later).

Smokestack, from the folks at Magnolia Brewery, recently opened. As well as their brilliant, British-style beer, they also serve some overpriced BBQ.



Just for You is a New Orleans/Southwest brunch place. The lines on weekends get crazy, so come early. Get the beignets!

I’ve only been to The Lab twice, and it was pretty good. There’s certainly less of a line than for some of the other brunch places, plus it’s nice to sit on 22nd St and watch people go by.

Hard Knox opens a little later, but has an amazing fried chicken and waffle menu item.

The New Spot is a pretty great tacqueria. I still haven’t quite figured out its opening times, though – it’s closed on random times I’ve walked past.

If you’re down for a walk over a freeway overpass, head to Potrero’s 18th street corridor. I know it’s cheating, but Plow has an amazing brunch. Again, watch out for the lines – we’ve shown up twenty minutes before they opened and been the last ones to get a table.


These places also do lunch and brunch, but they’re a little fancier, so they’re probably better for dinner.

Serpentine is the corner space of a converted warehouse. It’s bright and fresh inside and serves some great new-American food. Oh, and get one of their delicious cocktails.

Piccino has light, fresh Italian-inspired food. They only have a small regularly-changing menu, but it’s difficult to go wrong. The funghi pizza is great, but I usually go for whatever pasta they have. They also have a café where you can grab coffee and some tasty pastries.

Long Bridge Pizza – finally, Dogpatch has a pizza place! It’s a great thin-crust style place.

Poquito the food can be hit-or-miss at this place. It’s Latin-American tapas. The drinks are good, though, so I’d recommend sitting at the bar and maybe grabbing a couple of snacks.


Mr & Mrs Miscellaneous is amazing. Their flavours are innovative and I’d suggest going out of your comfort zone when picking one. They change ice-creams regularly, so it’s difficult to recommend a flavour, but if they have bourbon caramel – get that. Or the boiled peanut.

Olivier’s Butchery – I’d never really been to a butcher before, usually relying on supermarket cuts of meat. However, I quickly became a convert. Sure, it’s a little expensive, but that just means that it’s a treat when you do get something. They offer delicious (and usual) cuts of meat, plus some pre-made items like rôtis or home-made sausages.