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The Amazing Trip

So... I really need to start blogging about an amazing trip I've been on. It's been going for about two months now. It started in July, when we moved out of our apartment in Cambridge, England.

All our stuff in boxes hours before we left.

Since then I've visited seven cities, from Honolulu to Berlin. It'll probably take me a while to blog about them all. Here's a brief itinerary:

LGW - TPA (25th July 2011)

JAX - CLT - SFO (8th August 2011)

SFO - HNL - KOA (23rd August 2011)

KOA - HNL (30th August 2011)

HNL - LAX - LHR (1st September 2011)

LTN - SXF (8th September 2011)

SXF - FCO (23rd September 2011)

VCE - LGW (2nd October 2011)