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Midsummer House: 22nd December 2012

We were in the UK for Christmas, and my parents told us to keep one evening free from seeing our friends - they had a plan. They didn't tell us what it was - not even on the cab ride there. We were equally intrigued (what could it be? It had to be dinner, right?) and anxious (what if we didn't like it?).

As we entered the backroads of northern Cambridge, we realised we were going to Midsummer House, the 2-Michelin-starred restaurant where we got married just over three years ago. Needless to say, we were both incredibly excited. We had the tasting menu with wine pairings, and it was incredible. I think it supersedes other meals I've had there to be the best meal of my life. I took some pictures, so here you go:

Bloody Mary amuse-bouche
Celery, goat's cheese, and horseradish ice-cream.
Sautéed scallop, celeriac and truffle.
Before the third course arrived, we had this placed in front of us...
Turns out, it was to hold this: sweetbreads, pistachio, maple syrup and mouli.
Roast brill, surf clams, cucumber, wasabi, sorrel.
Beef fillet, sautéed tongue, horseradish, turnip and Paris browns.
Pousse-café - maple syrup, egg-yolk, and Jack Daniels and chive foam.
Poached kumquats with lemon and thyme ice-cream.
Chocolate, caramel and chestnuts, chestnut frangipane.

I missed two courses: a broccoli, pear and blue cheese starter and an apple crumble thing with baked yoghurt. Both were intense and I must have dove in without thinking to take a picture.

The meal took four hours and I loved every minute of it.