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Following on from my previous post, the next three novels I read were by authors with surnames beginning with D, E, and F:

I totally didn't "get" The Book of Daniel. It was semi-interesting from a historical perspective - in the US stories are very rarely told from a communist viewpoint. The style was too disjointed for me to enjoy the book (I'm usually OK with that but... not here, for some reason). So yeah, not my favourite so far.

AHWoSG was staggering (shut up, I had to). I loved it. Being a recent (ok, recent-ish) SF transplant, I love anything that involves the Bay Area (I really wanted Red Widow to be good and I'm stupidly excited about a pilot for some HBO show they're currently filming).

But even aside from the SF-love, it was a moving account of an unusual relationship between two brothers. I'm 93% sure I'm the last person to have read this book, though, so everyone knows how awesome it is already. Oh, and bonus points because I'm now watching reruns of The Real World San Francisco and a couple of the characters appear in the novel.

I also really dug Under the Skin, despite its vegetarian preachiness. I'm a bit of a sucker for sci-fi that's less about the sci and more about the fi. The central character was a pretty fascinating one. They're apparently making a film of it with Scarlett Johansson. I'm puzzling on how they're going to treat some of the more gruesome aspects of the book.

The next trio of GHI are pretty long, so it might be a while before another update.