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Cocktail: Breakfast of Champions

When you eat at a fancy restaurant (or at least a restaurant with a world-renowned chef), you have to get the weirdest thing on the menu. That chef (or restaurant) is famous for a reason - it creates flavour profiles that are going to be pleasing. So why waste your time on something standard?

Breakfast of Champions

That philosophy was how I ended up getting the Breakfast of Champions cocktail, pictured above, at ad hoc the other weekend. Ingredients:

  • St George Botanivore gin
  • Fruit Loop-infused milk
  • Egg white

It was so. bloody. delicious. In fact, I called the bartender over to congratulate him. The cocktail had only been on the menu for about a week, and he seemed chuffed with my praise. He even brought over some of the milk for us to try.

The cocktail itself was a more floral/fruity version of a standard sour drink. It wasn't too heavy and didn't have that gross milk aftertaste. It was seriously good. I must figure out how to make it at home.

Seriously, at nice restaurants always try something you think sounds gross.