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Hoffa, Prague

For some reason, there's a bar in Prague named after Jimmy Hoffa, the American union leader who went missing in the 70s. Unfortunately, my lack of Czech skills (and poor Google translating) don't help much with the "About" page on the Hoffa website.

First and foremost: this is a non-smoking bar! Yay! That automatically gets you points in my book. Most bars have smoking and non-smoking areas, but that's not quite the same. Location-wise, it's on a little intersection near the main train station (so great for people-watching), and has big windows. The decor is neat – they have a massive trompe-l'œil mural on one side so it looks like you're in a warehouse.

Mural in Hoffa
The bar

They have mostly traditional drinks, with some specials on a chalkboard. The drink I had was pretty good, but nothing amazing. I went for a glass of Pimm's as it was ridiculously hot outside.


They offer decent bar snacks, too. We got some tortilla chips with salsa and sour cream.

Tortilla chips with salsa and sour cream

We also got some hamburgers, which were amazing. They were juicy, cooked medium-rare, and had spicy-sweet secret sauce on them. Delicious!

The bathroom doors were pretty neat, too.

Bathroom door

I can see us returning to this place for its relaxed atmosphere, neat interior, and reasonably-priced decent drinks. It seemed like a nice place to call your local.

7.0 / 10