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Orange Bar, Prague

Orange Bar is pretty close by to us and has decent reviews. It's a little tricky to find, down a couple of side-streets, but there's a nice orange-shaped sign outside to let you know when you're there.

From the street

From the outside, it looks pretty normal, right? Inside, though, it reminded me of a bar in Dune or something. The only lights had orange filters, and all the walls were molded to give the appearance of being dug out of a cave.

The bar (I think the spice is kept on the top shelf)

The bar shelves were all integrated into the back wall. The other walls had fake columns with cubbies for desert plants.

Walls with plants

The cocktail list leaned heavily towards rum-based beach drinks – mai tais, piña coladas, zombies etc. There's also a good list of classics, too. Hampton went for (of course) a manhattan. I tried out the mai tai but it was a little too sweet for me.

Manhattan and a mai tai

We were there during a massive thunderstorm and didn't have umbrellas, so we stayed for another round (or two). The moscow mule was much better. Get that! It had a physalis garnish too, which is awesome.

Moscow mule

Orange bar has a neighbourhood feel and a fun theme. The drinks are sweet, but tasty, so I'd stick to non-tiki drinks (unless you're a particular fan).

7.1 / 10