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Four Myths and Four Truths about San Francisco


1. Tech assholes are everywhere

2. It's a "gay" city

San Francisco certainly has a reputation for being a home of the modern gay rights movement. It's certainly a welcoming city for LGBT individuals, but I was expecting .

The LGBT aspects of San Francisco are pretty much concentrated in one area: the Castro. (There's some stuff in SOMA, too.) That's where you'll find the gay bars, .

3. It's foggy all the time/the weather sucks

Due to the microclimates in San Francisco, the weather is extremely variable. That means that some parts of the city can be foggy, overcast, or even rainy – while others are enjoying beautiful sunshine.

4. It's expensive

Travelling in Europe made me realise how cheap the U.S.A. is. Not only that, but how cheap San Francisco is. You can get a great cocktail for $8 at a bar in San Francisco. Aside from Prague, that beats anywhere in Europe for cost.

Sad Truths

1. Bars don't play good music

2. Lines for everything

3. There is a homeless problem

4. The woo-woo flim-flam